Our Programs

The following are examples of the programs we have done in the past. Please contact us if you're interested in booking Riverview for an event.

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Shakespeare on Love

There is a huge body of delightful music that would have been familiar to Shakespeare and his audiences. In the plays themselves, there are indications of songs that were actually performed on stage, both direct and subtle references to popular music of the day, and lyrics or lyric fragments written by the bard himself. For this program, we have narrowed in on the part of that repertoire that touches on the theme of love - a theme that feels familiar and helps us relate to the people of Shakespeare’s time.

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Chanson is an all-French program by Riverview Lute Song Duo. Half of this program focuses on some of the earliest music for voice and lute from France, much of which was published by Pierre Attaingnant. The other half comes from the transitional period between the Renaissance and Baroque. Composers include Dufay, Binchois, Sermisy, Robert Ballard, Moulinié, and Vallet.

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Oh, Let us Howl

Throughout history, humans have found ways to deal with the aspects of life that cause fear. In this program, we explore music that allowed people to express their fear, cry together, and even laugh at the things that would otherwise be impossible to face. Works by John Dowland, Thomas Campion, Henry Purcell, Robert Johnson, and others, along with old English folk tunes and dance music, will tell stories of ghosts, witches, pirates, gypsies, murder, and death. Let us face our fears and howl together!

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To Heal a Broken Heart

To Heal a Broken Heart is a program that explores one of the most basic of human themes, a broken heart. Whether it be from loss, misfortune, or unrequited love, everyone understands heartache, and music has a unique ability to express the pain of heartache while also offering relief and comfort. Experience tragic tales from the folk tradition as well as more intricate lute song repertory that will break your heart and, at the same time, soothe your soul with their beauty.

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Ecco la Primavera

Ecco la Primavera is a collection of music that embodies the spirit of spring. Spanning Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque periods, these pieces are sure to delight as they celebrate Spring bursting forth from the earth — sun and warmer weather; forests and fields abundant with flowers and birdsong; and of course, young love.

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Now Winter Nights: Carols by Candlelight

This program will take your breath away with hauntingly beautiful melodies from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as delicate arrangements of more modern favorites. From familiar tunes like "What Child is This?" (originally the lute-song "Greensleeves") to lesser known songs like "Now Winter Nights" (originally published in 1617, but possibly your new favorite holiday song), this program is sure to be the perfect escape from seasonal hustle and bustle.

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Hey for Christmas!

In contrast to our Candlelight programs, Hey for Christmas! is made up of exciting celebratory Christmas songs from across Europe. The program includes some of the oldest known Latin songs, beautiful French melodies, and exciting Spanish rhythms. We also explore the more familiar English traditions with wassailing songs, holiday dances, and broadside ballads including "Hey for Christmas," a real toe-tapper from which this program draws its name.